A leading fabless semiconductor company.

Actions focuses on designing high volume integrated chips for mass market wireless audio, intelligent wear, intelligent interaction and intelligent Internet of things applications.


End to End Fabless Designer of Intelligent Audio SoC chips. Including IC Development, Marketing, and Sales.

Actions produces SoCs which power Bluetooth audio, portable multimedia, and intelligent voice interaction applications.

Actions devotes its resources to developing SoCs for low power wireless communication, multimedia processing and other IoT technology.  Over the years Actions’ has developed a portfolio of IP involving Bluetooth communication, ADC/DAC, power consumption management, high-speed analog interface, and audio processing.  Customers can leverage Actions’ IP with complete hardware and firmware engineering tools to accelerate the development of end products using Actions IC chips. 


    Founded in December 2019, Juyi is located in the centrally located Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, home to many international tech companies. We provide customers in Shanghai and surrounding areas with Actions product consultation and technical support.


    Established in Hefei New Station High-tech Development Zone in December 2016, Hefei Actions focuses on providing cost-effective SOC solutions to customers in Northeast China.  We provide chips or complete solutions for Actions’ SoCs.


    Established in March 2006, Artek is a Shenzhen-based fabless semiconductor company that provides wireless communication and mobile internet SoC solutions for portable consumer electronics.

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Our proud history

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2020 Year
  • Oct. Actions ATS3607D won the 15th "China core" core fire new sharp products
  • Mar. Multi - mode interaction solution ATS3609 was introduced
  • Mar. Launch ATS2833/ATS2825 Bluetooth speaker, car, Soundbar solutions
  • Dec. Techlife 2018 launched its intelligent voice platform in Shanghai
  • Sep. The company independently developed Bluetooth headphone chip-ATS300X mass production
  • Jul. The ATS350X of the third generation intelligent voice robot for children was launched
  • Jun. Launch ATS2819 Bluetooth speaker, car, Soundbar solutions
  • Apr. The company's first generation of low power Bluetooth voice interaction SoC-ATB110X formally mass production
  • Jan. Zhuhai's comprehensive innovation strength is top 50
  • Jan. The 13th "China Core" excellent potential product in 2018 -ATJ229R2
  • Jan. Zhuhai high growth innovative enterprises (unicorns) incubator - seed enterprises - new generation of information technology
  • Jan. 2017-2018 IC China Wind Eye Innovation Enterprise and IC Unicorn
  • Jan. High-tech products of Guangdong Province in 2018
  • Jan. Provincial enterprise technology center
  • Dec. Launch quad-core 64-bit universal application processor solution: S700
  • Oct. Launch the first generation video children robot solution ATJ229R2
  • Jan. The 5th China Electronic Information Expo Innovation Products and Applications Award
  • Jan. Guangdong High Performance ARTIFICIAL intelligence INTEGRATED Circuit Design Engineering Technology Research and Development Center
  • Jan. Innovation-oriented Enterprise in Guangdong Province
  • Jan. The 12th China Semiconductor Innovation Products and Technology Award - ATS2825
  • Jan. Three patents won the Patent Award of Guangdong Province
  • Jan. Zhuhai's best software technology innovation products - integrated circuits category
  • Jan. The 12th "China Chip" Best Market Performance Product Award - HD Intelligent Decoding Chip SoC (ATJ2273)
  • Jan. The 19th China Hi-tech Fair Outstanding Product Award - Intelligent companion Robot SoC Solution -ATS3703
  • Dec. Release an IoT solution- ATJ229R2 that supports LCD Display
  • Nov. Launch THE ATS2815 Bluetooth speaker solution
  • Oct. Release Bluetooth 4.2 Dual-mode built-in Waves Sound Bluetooth Audio solution ATS2823W/ATS2825W
  • Oct. ATS3603, a WiFi smart storyteller, was released
  • Jul. Release the 2K screen VR all-in-one machine solution-S900
  • Jan. Won the title of high-tech enterprise
  • Jan. Zhuhai Multimedia Communication integrated circuit Design Engineering Technology Research and development Center
  • Jan. Won the 18th China Patent Award "A Method and Device for Reducing CPU consumption during vector Graphics Filling"
  • Jan. 2016 the 11th "China core" most potential product -VR all-in-one machine solution
  • Jan. The 11th China Semiconductor Innovation Products and Technology Award -VR All-in-One Machine Solution
  • Jan. Won the title of intellectual property advantage enterprise of Guangdong Province
  • Jan. A Guangdong Patent Excellence Award "A Battery Charging Method and Device"
  • Jan. Won the title of national intellectual property advantage enterprise
  • Jan. Launch the ATJ2167 portable audio processor solution
  • Jan. High-tech products of Guangdong province - ATM705X, ATS280X/2805 integrated circuit chip
  • Jan. Won the title of Key Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai
  • Nov. The release of the quad-core 64-bit General-purpose application processor, the S900
  • Jan. A Guangdong Patent Award "A Method and Device for Reducing CPU Consumption during vector Graphics Filling"
  • Jan. Won the title of zhuhai intellectual Property advantage enterprise
  • Jan. The Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode single chip ATS282X mass prodution
  • Jan. Two Chinese Patent Excellence Awards, An Integrated Circuit with a Scanning chain, and a USB Device and Its Detection Method
  • Jan. Overseas release of 64-bit tablet \ Smart home solution master chip ATM9009
  • Sep. The first 28nm master chip for multiple intelligent solution platforms was released
  • Mar. Support for bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode master chip ATS2805B released
  • Jan. Won the title of China Fengyun IC Design Enterprise in 2014
  • Jan. "Quad-core Tablet PC master Chip (ATM7029)" was awarded the title of the eighth China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology
  • Jan. Won the title of the most growing IC enterprise in China
  • Jan. "Actions" and "炬力" have been certified as famous trademarks of Guangdong Province
  • Jan. "32-bit SoC chip supporting intelligent terminals", won the excellent Product Award of the 16th CHTF
  • Jan. The project of "Research and Application of key Technologies of Low-power Multimedia Series chips" won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Province
Defining standards
Quality and Reliability - committed to delivering high quality solutions

Achieving product excellence requires operational excellence.

  • Green Products
  • Quality Declaration
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Systems

Green Products

Actions is committed to environmental protection. All products meet the requirements of RoHS, REACH and other leading environmental laws and regulations.

Quality Declaration

Actions has designed and implemented a quality management system that provides the framework for continual improvement of our products, processes and customer service.  We use industry standard design protocols to design our ICs, hardware layout, and testing processes.  We strive to achieve best-in-class quality on all of our products through a systematic approach that emphasizes quality at every phase of the product development and manufacturing process.

Quality Management

From initial design conception to fabrication, testing, and assembly, we strive to assure quality.  The key steps include materials inspections, wafer level reliability testing, new product qualification testing and reliability monitoring of finished products.  We emphasize a thorough supplier quality management system in which suppliers are pre-qualified by our operations and quality teams.

Quality Systems

Actions obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality management System certificate in June 2020.  The ISO 9001:2015 standards are applied from product design to final product delivery and after-sales service.