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A wonderful review of The 2020 Partner Annual Meeting of Actions Technology!


On December 22, 2020, the annual meeting of Actions' 2020 partners was successfully held in Dengxi Road International Hotel, Shenzhen. Nearly 200 partners came to the event to review the special 2020 and look forward to the promising 2021.

Dr. Zhou Zhengyu, Chairman and CEO of Actions Technology Co., LTD

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Zhou Zhengyu, chairman and CEO of Actions Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. Starting from the changeable world situation, Dr. Zhou Zhengyu set down the market development of China Core and introduced the development strategy of Actions to the partners.

Actions senior product manager Y.Y Tao

Human's pursuit of high-quality sound is ancient and eternal, and Actions Technology has accumulated many years of experience in audio processing direction. Senior product manager Of  Actions, Tao Yongyao, also introduced the layout of Audio processing DSP of Juxin and shared his views on the market of audio processing DSP.

Actions senior product manager Connie Meng

Driven by the epidemic, the smart office field of mobile scene has ushered in a new development opportunity. In the past year, the smart office products of Actions have also laid a solid market foundation. Connie Meng, senior product manager of Actions, shared the layout and market experience of Juxin in the smart office field.

Actions algorithm partner Mr.Qian Kai

Chip + algorithm, strong and strong together, to create quality products. Mr. Qian Kai,  Actions ' algorithm partner, also shared their QVoice signal processing algorithm at the conference.

Actions terminal customer Mr. Zhu Bozheng

Through the solid efforts of the past year, many products with Actions  chip have been put into mass production, among which the support of excellent partners is even more indispensable. Mr. Zhu Bozheng, the terminal customer of Actions , shared his cooperation experience with Actions at the conference.

Dr. Kang Heng, an expert in speech algorithms

At the end of the morning session, we are also very honored to invite Dr. Kang Heng, a speech algorithm expert, to share the algorithm of intelligent speech. The simple and profound sharing content makes us have greater expectations for the development of intelligent speech.

After a simple rest, we also ushered in the afternoon session of the Annual conference of Actions Technology partners. In the enthusiastic sharing by Michael Zhang, senior product manager of Actions , the partners attending the meeting quickly entered into a state.

Actions senior product manager Michael Zhang

Manager Zhang shared the planning of Actions in the field of smart wear (headset) in the New Year, the rapidly growing market trend and the full market preparation. There is no doubt that this will be a field full of opportunities for us.

Actions  algorithm director Zhao Xinzhong

In the face of the positive market, The technological development of Actions has kept pace with it. Zhao Xinzhong, director of Actions algorithm, introduced Actions ' Bluetooth headset Dual-mic ENC noise reduction technology, and introduced its closed-loop technical support from the acoustic design of products to the tuning of products before their arrival.

Mr. MAO Jianjun, supply chain partner of Actions 

Products fall to the ground, it is necessary to coordinate various resources, with all parties to cooperate, we can make the product achieve better effect, we invite the Actions Mr Jian-jun MAO to our supply chain partners to share the MEMS sensor applied in the field of TWS, believe that the cooperation with other manufacturers, can help the Actions to provide customers better services.

Actions senior product manager Y.J Qi

The Bluetooth speaker market is the traditional advantage field of  Actions. Y.J Qi, senior product manager of the  Actions, brought us the latest market trend sharing and the layout of the  Actions in the Bluetooth sending and receiving integrated market, and introduced the active layout strategy of the  Actions for this continuously growing market in 2021.

Ms Li Jiarong, Senior Marketing Manager, SIG Asia Pacific

We are also very honored to invite Ms. Li Jiarong, senior marketing manager of SIG Asia Pacific region. Due to the epidemic, Ms. Li Jiarong could not come to the scene first. She introduced the latest development trend of Bluetooth audio technology to us by video.

 Actions Vice President Ramon Liu

At the end of the meeting, Ramon Liu, executive vice president of Actions, shared his summary of the past year from the perspective of market implementation, and also introduced to partners all kinds of support from Actions to partners in the market.

On the scene of the meeting, we also held a ceremony to issue the authorization certificates of the agents and solutions of Actions.Ramon Liu, and Meli, business director of Torch Core, respectively issued the authorization certificates to the first-class agents and solutions of Actions.

The Authorized AgentShenzhen Chip Blueprint Technology Co.,Ltd、Shenzhen Xinyue Chengfu Technology Co., Ltd、Shenzhen Xinyuedong Technology Co.,Ltd、LEXIA WISDOM TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD、Zhuhai Aisteed Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd、H.J.T.Electronics Ltd.、PERCEPTION ELECTRONICS (HONG KONG) LIMITED、Shenzhen BTW-Digital Ltd.

The First Level Agent ( CHIEF TECH ELECTRONICS LTD、SHENZHENSHI  LIANLIWEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD / SHENZHENGQIYUJIAOYETECHNOLOGY CO.LTD、Shenzhen ZXF Electronic Technology CO.,LTD、Shenzhen KSD digital Co., Ltd、Shenzhen World Elite Electronic Co., Ltd、ChipsGuide Technology Co., Ltd、Shenzhen XinLink Timestechnology Co.,Ltd、Shenzhen Smart-core Technology Co.,Ltd)

So far, the annual meeting of Actions 2020 partners has come to a successful conclusion. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In the changeable world situation, Actions technology is willing to work together with your partners to create a better future!

As the year 2020 draws to a close, we also sincerely hope that the ice and snow will melt and the epidemic will be eradicated, and that peace and happiness will prevail. 2021 is not far away, nor is spring. Actions technology with you!

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