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Development board - CubieBoard7

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General Information

CubieBoard7 is a very tiny, low cost, and richly functional open source hardware, some people call it embedded single board computer as well. CubieBoard7 is also an upgraded product of CubieBoard6 which adopts Actions S500 quad-core application processor. Due to the S700 pin-to-pin with S500 from Actions Technology, The CubieBoard7 hardware gets a seamless upgrade from CubieBoard6 and has the 1.5 times performace improvement. In CubieBoard7 we adopt S700 main chip from Actions Technology Co. Ltd, which is a very cost-effective 64 bit Quad-Core application processor. 

The S700 processor which integrated Cortex-A53 Quad-Core CPU and Mali450 MP4 GPU is a very good solution choice. Functionally, we make it support 2GB LPDDR3 that has the big capacity but with smaller size. We make it to support Wifi & Bluetooth in the same board size with CubieBoard2, it’s a rare product in open source hardware industry. In order to meet more and more mobile applications, CubieBoard7 also supports 3.7V Li-Po battery power supply, which make it doubly less competitors.

Product Introduction

CubieBoard7 is also a upgraded model of CubieBoard2, the performance has been greatly improved because of the quad-core 64 bit main chip S700. Not only that, the CubieBoard7’s features also become more rich, even equate to the CubieTruck, aka CubieBoard3, in such a small board size. CubieBoard7’s board size is 100mm*60mm, only 65% of the size of CubieBoard3. It makes CubieBoard7 to be a very playable open source hardware products, and can be used in more application areas.

CubieBoard official team will continually maintain Android, Debian, Debian Server operating systems. Many other open source distributions would support it as well. Now we can offer Android 5.1.1, More operating system will be coming soon. We believe CubieBoard6 will provide very large application opportunity for makers and startup team in products development stage.

Development Materials

Technical Website: http://www.cubietech.com/

Distribution contacts: sales@cubietech.com
Technical contacts: support@cubietech.com

Technical Specifications


Tools & Resources

  • Demo Board Resources Download in China

    Describes the features and functionality of the Actions S700 Processor (Cubieboard7) for Embedded Computing.

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