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Actions Have Access to TmallGenie GMA Protocol , has Launched Three Products!


We're not just building a product, we're building an ecosystem.
——Alibaba artificial intelligence lab

Machines have minds, all creatures have spirits!

On September 27, the 2019 hangzhou APSARA conference came to a successful conclusion. 5G+AIoT, as one of the most frequently used words in this tech industry event, also predicts the prosperity of this vast area in the future.

TmallGenie, as the AI center of Alibaba's family brain, is also the most important entrance for Alibaba's future Internet of things ecology to build.

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Comprehensive upgrade of human-computer interaction system (AliGenie 4.0); Three AliGenie 4.0 smart speaker product release; Launch of four major developer platforms: skills, content, IoT, and inside.

All these measures let us see the TmallGenie in the continuous improvement of their own technology kernel, in the product intelligence on the continuous development.

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△TmallGenie CMA

TmallGenie in addition to constantly improve the product intelligence, let the product more temperature and spirituality, but also continue to their own "spirit" out of the inherent product form, and strive for all things have "spirit".

This time, TmallGenie launched universal bluetooth voice access (GMA) program, hope to Tmall spirit of the "spirit" to other brands of products, and even across the category, in addition to the family of the application field "spirit".

The TmallGenie in the hscene of movement
—— GMA

TmallGenie itself has a comprehensive hardware ecological access: BT MESH/BLE, wi-fi, cloud to cloud, Inside. The GMA protocol makes the hardware access has the characteristics of high compatibility, low delay, voice wake-up and multi-channel support.

The bluetooth product in the mobile scene is enabled to access TmallGenie mobile phone APP through GMA, so as to obtain cloud voice skills and content.

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On the basis of GMA protocol, TmallGenie introduces more new connections for AIoT mobile scenarios, making the connection easier by standardizing the module enabling scheme

The modular bluetooth AI voice scheme based on APP connection and integrated voice interactive software and hardware is open to the brand and helps the product to realize intelligence quickly.

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△Two standardized modules

The first chip manufacturer to access the GMA protocol
—— Actions

As a deeply cooperative chip manufacturer of alibaba, Actions has two series of chips: Actions ATS2819X and ActionsATS283X, which have been the first to access the GMA protocol. It is worth mentioning that these two types of chips have been mature products landing.

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△Actions——TmallGenie alliance chip

Mobile speaker scene: :Make the smart speaker in the mobile scene to achieve TmallGenie enliven, so that the traditional smart speaker products in the mobile scene to bring more changes and performance.

● TmallGenie BOOM(Actions ATS2819X indside)

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TmallGenie BOOM

 Libratone BIRD The smart bluetooth speaker was launched on September 25, the opening day of the conference.(ActionsATS283X indside

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Libratone BIRD

In-car :Through the cooperation with alibaba, we can customize the vehicle module with high cost performance, low cost, customization, easy integration and re-experience, realize module + APP access through the chip, and quickly realize product AI intelligence.
●Baseus intelligent voice vehicle support, is expected to meet you before the 11th.(Actions ATS2819X indside

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AIoT, connected with a "chip"
—— Actions

Actions is ready for the challenge!And we also hope to have more solution business in the help of torch core to realize the traditional machine intelligence and enliven, with technology to bring new experience to people's life!

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Photo source: Alibaba APSARA conference atlas