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Actions Techlife 2019 Developer Conference Have Been Successful Held!

SHENZHEN,GUANGDONG-Dec 19,2019,The fourth Actions Techlife 2019 Developer Conference have been Successfully Held!Four speakers, from different perspectives on the multi-mode interaction technology, brought us more new inspirations and sparks.

Listen Whatever You Want——Himalaya


△Tao Yu,General manager of Himalaya ecological department

Integrated Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Voice Products——Alibaba Damo Institute speech lab

640.webp (1).jpg

△Jie Gao,Dharma institute senior algorithm expert

Let the Education Hardware From Hear Clearly to See Clearly——Vision Talk

640.webp (2).jpg

△Xin Pan, Vision Talk CTO

CEVA Audio enhances AIoT——CEVA

640.webp (3).jpg

△Yuan Tian, CEVA Keycounts Mananger

AI Multi-modal Technology Meke Education Smarter——Actions

640.webp (4).jpg

△Kaiping Xiao, Product director of Actions

Thank you for your attention and looking forward to see you in next year!