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Actions is ready for the big upgrade of Bluetooth Audio at CES 2020 !


At CES 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the next generation of the decades-old wireless standard that doesn’t just better match the wireless universe we live in, but also sets the stage for a new generation of audio products that’s more versatile, power efficient, and, most importantly, sounds better to the ears.

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LE Audio was announced at CES, and the specifications will be introduced throughout the first half of 2020. Bluetooth isn’t going anywhere, though. With LE Audio, Bluetooth is renewing its lease as the wireless audio standard for the world, and possibly regaining some audiophile cred in the process.


Now, with the release of LE Audio, developers will be able to meet this demand, creating new and ever-expanding solutions that enhance performance, introduce new audio experiences, and bring the benefits of Bluetooth audio to more people worldwide.


Audio on Low Energy

As its name suggests, LE Audio operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio. This is made possible by LE Isochronous Channels, a new feature introduced in the latest version of the Bluetooth Core Specification that adds isochronous data transport on the Bluetooth LE radio.


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△Actions ATS 300X in the NetEase's cloud music

New Audio Codec

LE Audio includes a new, high-quality, low-power audio codec called LC3 (Low Complexity Communications Codec). Because of its ability to provide high quality, even at low data rates, LC3 brings tremendous new flexibility, allowing you to make better design tradeoffs between key product attributes, such as audio quality and power consumption to best meet the target user experience.


Multi-Stream Audio

Multi-Stream Audio is a new feature of LE Audio that enables the transmission of multiple, independent, synchronized audio streams between an audio source device and one or more audio sink devices.


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△Actions ATS 2819X in Baseus

Broadcast Audio

LE Audio adds support for Broadcast Audio, a new feature that enables an audio source device to broadcast one or more audio streams to an unlimited number of Bluetooth audio sink devices.

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△Actions ATS 2819X in TmallGenie

Actions's Exepectation

As a well-known domestic audio consumer chip design enterprise, torch core has many years of technical accumulation and sufficient practical experience in the field of bluetooth and audio, which can provide enterprises with a variety of chip solutions in different scenarios!

We also hope that our chip will be applied to more high-quality products and bring better sound quality enjoyment to users!