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General Information

Actions Bluetooth transmission and transceiver series products provide high integration and high performance Bluetooth audio single chip solutions, integrated Bluetooth radio frequency (RF) and baseband, power management unit (PMU), audio codec and MCU. Can be widely used in all kinds of bluetooth transceiver integrated products, such as TV dongle, game-box dongle (including e-sports headphones), conference speakers dongle, communications headset dongle, walkie-talkie adapter, bluetooth emission slave module, transceiver integrated module, bluetooth dual-mode music sports watches, MP3, bluetooth launch projector/CD/DVD and other kinds of need bluetooth emission (connect bluetooth headset or bluetooth speakers) and send one of the products.

Actions Bluetooth transmission and transceiver integrated series products support Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode , transmitting power up to 10dBm, receiving sensitivity -95dbm, complete specifications, leading performance. Support multi-device connection, support line-in, USB, SPDIF, I2S, MIC, SD/MMC, SPI, and other audio input source, support all formats of audio decoding, support screen, bluetooth speakers and bluetooth headset is compatible with the mainstream market, support AG 16k hd calls, 10 / MAC compatible with Windows 7 / software and other mainstream operating system and the mainstream mobile phone, The latency of HFP calls the end-to-end (dongle to the speaker the whole link) as low as 60 ms, The A2DP supports  the ACT-LL ultra-low latency mode, which allows end-to-end links  latency to be as low as 30ms or less, making it an industry leader. Support two-way HD voice transmission at the same time.

The bluetooth transmission and transceiver chips are mainly  ATS2831 and ATS2851.

Technical Specifications


Product Applications

  • Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Bluetooth transceiver integrated device

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