Quality Declaration

Actions has designed and implemented a quality management system that provides the framework for continual improvement of our products, processes and customer service. We apply established design rules and practices for devices through standard design, layout and testing processes. We also rely on in-depth simulation studies and practical application testing to validate and verify our SoCs. We strive to achieve best-in-class quality and reliability performance on all of our products through a systematic approach that emphasizes quality at every phase of product development and manufacturing.

Quality Systems

From initial design conception to fabrication, testing, and assembly, we strive to assure quality by fabrication and assembly process monitoring, materials inspections, wafer level reliability, testing, new product qualification testing and reliability monitoring of finished products. We emphasize a strong supplier quality management practice in which the independent suppliers that are used by our manufacturing logistics partners are pre-qualified by our operations and quality teams.

Actions improve products reliability design and verification continuously by close cooperation with suppliers and third-party laboratories. Products reliability is a basic indicator for each project, being estated and reviewed as soon as the product is launched. Through systematic design, verification , monitoring and other means, reliablity improvement activities cover the whole product lifetime. Those creates the maximum value for our customers.