Time:9/30/2015 8:00:00 AM
  • Actions News

Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACTS) (“Actions Semiconductor”), one of China's leading fabless semiconductor companies that provides comprehensive portable multimedia and mobile internet system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for portable consumer electronics, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Actions Technology (Zhuhai), launched its ATJ2167 SoC for Hi-Fi (high fidelity) high-end audio consumer electronics.

Hi-Fi represents the ultimate music listening experience as defined a high degree of similarity with the original playback sound.  Because Hi-Fi requires more detailed audio files, it can require up to 24bit/192KHz lossless audio encoding, resulting in large audio files that can be complex and difficult to decode and play back. Although many programs on the market today can decode lossless audio files, they face the problems of high power consumption, high cost and poor compatibility. As a result, adoption of Hi-Fi MP3/MP4 in the portable audio market has been limited and Hi-Fi enthusiasts are not able to enjoy their high fidelity recordings.

The Hi-Fi audio decoding SoC ATJ2167 solves these problems and more. Using MIPS + DSP flexible and efficient architecture, it supports full-format audio decoder with high-fidelity quality, up to 24bit/192KHz lossless audio format decoding. While performing complex decoding, ATJ2167 maintains very low power consumption, typically reaching 10mA @ 128kbps MP3 @ Play and 3.5uA @ industry-leading standby.  The ATJ2167 solution is able to maintain long playback and standby time.

The ATJ2167 also has rich peripheral interfaces. It is easy for the design houses to expand their various specifications, while also offering the rich peripheral compatibility and most cost-effective BOM cost. The ATJ2167 supports external SD/MMC card and eMMC card. It supports system startup and upgrade from the card, supports SDHC / SDXC card and SPI Nor flash. ATJ2167 has the built-in dynamic power management unit to offer ultra-low power consumption and support lithium batteries, without external PMU. It also supports USB2.0 transmission and USB charging. It has rich peripheral interfaces, including 12S, SPI, UART, SPDIF, etc. It supports eight independent touch keys and 8/16bit CPU-screen interface. It supports up to QVAG (320 * 240) resolution video playback and photo review, enabling consumers to enjoy high quality video along with high-quality Hi-Fi music.

Previously, Hi-Fi music was limited to high priced audio products, and many portable MP3/MP4 consumers have not been able to enjoy the premium quality of Hi-Fi music. Thanks to Actions’ long-term expertise and leadership in audio and multimedia market, consumers can now enjoy high fidelity sound quality in portable MP3 / MP4 HI-FI market.