• Mar launched the ATS3609, a multi-mode interaction solution


  • Mar launched the ATS2833/ATS2825 Bluetooth speaker, car and Soundbar solutions


  • Dec launched the intelligent voice platform at the Tech-life 2018 developer Conference which was held in Shanghai
  • Sep launched the ATS300X chip Bluetooth headset solution
  • Jul launched the ATS350X chip, the third generation intelligent voice child robot solution
  • Jun launched the ATS2819 chip Bluetooth speaker, car and Soundbar solutions
  • Apr launched the BLE Internet of Things application solution ATB1103/ATB1109 chip


  • Dec launched the quad-core 64-bit universal application processor solution, the S700
  • Oct launched the first generation video children robot solution ATJ229R2 chip


  • Dec Launched IOT solution ATJ229R2
  • Nov launched the ATS2815 Bluetooth speaker solution
  • Oct Launched chipset for WIFI Storytelling Machine ATS3603
  • Oct Launched Bluetooth dual mode 4.2 chipsets ATS2823 &ATS2825W
  • Jul Launched 64-bit chipset for VR headset with 2K high resolution
  • Jan launched the ATJ2167 portable audio processor solution


  • Nov launched The Quad-core 64-bit general-purpose application processor, the S900
  • Jan Launched Bluetooth dual mode 4.0 single chip ATS2829
  • Jan Launched 64-bit chipset for tablet and OTT set-top boxes ATM9009


  • Sep Launched first 28nm chipset for tablet and OTT Set-top boxes ATM7059
  • Mar Released Bluetooth Dual Mode 4.0 product ATS2805B