Actions ?

You are joining a company aiming to be one of the best IC design companies in China.

You are joining a team with talented, passionate, innovative and fully engaged members.

You are joining a profession that requires full devotion and commitment.

Social Recruitment
Actions values development of internationalized operation team and management model, aims to retain talents with global technical and managerial experiences. We support our employees with competitive benefits including excellent compensation, welfare benefits, employee stock incentive plan and more.
Actions has over 20 years of experience in IC designs and advanced IC design technology to provide employees an excellent environment for practical workplace training and personal career development.
Actions has established an effective employee incentive program to retain top talents and align employee incentives with our shareholders’ values. We value development of corporate culture, and we value diversity in work force. We strive to be a work place where our employees can fulfill personal career growth.





我公司的全称: 炬芯科技股份有限公司
          公司地址: 广东珠海高新区科技四路1号
          公司电话: 0756-3392353

      炬力(珠海)微电子有限公司      所在地:广东珠海高新区科技四路1号
      炬才微电子(深圳)有限公司       所在地:深圳市南山
      合肥炬芯智能科技有限公司         所在地:合肥新站区

       http://www.actions-semi.com 炬芯公司官方网站
       http://www.zh-hr.com 珠海人力资源网
       http://www.51job.com 前程无忧网
       http://zhaopin.com 智联招聘网
       https://www.liepin.com 猎聘网

我公司的官方网站地址是: http://www.actions-semi.com ,除此之外别无其他网站。


请广大求职者应聘时一定小心谨慎,防止上当受骗。如发现某些招聘信息与我公司申明中公布的信息不符,欢迎大家积极举报。举报电话: 0756-3392353-1211 。我公司保留向冒用本公司名义的责任人追究法律责任的权利。