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ATS3605(D) integrates Cortex-A5 MP4 CPU with SIMD Media Processing Engine (MPE) with NEON technology, ATS3605(D) provides the most fluent and high-performance Audio playback & recording experiences, targeted at IoT device,such as Home Entertainment and Kids Education market.

ATS3605(D) provides rich interfaces such as TDM I2S IN/OUT, LVDS, High Definition Display Interface(only ATS3605), SDIO and USB, etc. MIC array, Bluetooth and WiFi can be easily integrated to construct flexible solutions.Efficient memory systems are built on high performance DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L controller and ATS3605D is embedded 64MB DDR2, and both support Serial Nor Flash controller and Parallel NAND Flash controller.

ATS3605(D) together with our in-house designed co-chip ATT3008 which has integrated 8 channels high performance ADC for mic Array. And ATT3002 which has integrated the Audio Codec with 24bit/192KHz Stereo DAC and two Auxin ADC together and PMU (Power Management Unit), ATT3002 also supported Low Power and Adaptive Dynamic Power management architecture , ATS3605(D) is the optimum choice for high performance and low cost solution also bring customer the longer battery life.

Applications of ATS3605(D) include but not limited to the followings:

· Home entertainment, such as WIFI Speaker

· Entertainment robots applications

· Kids education device

· Smart video monitors

· Smart Voice Device

· Cloud computing server/Thin Client

· Other cloud-connected applications

          Detailed parameters

CPU Core

    • ARM cortex A5MP4 CPU, Up to 1.0GHz.
      • A low   power and efficient qual-core architecture
      •   Programmable memory management unit.
      • 32KB   I-cache and 16KB D-cache.
      • 256KB L2   cache equipped.
      •   Supporting VFP v4 (Vector Floating Point v4) architecture and compliant with   the IEEE 754 standard for floating-point calculation.
      • Advanced   SIMD NEON technology to accelerate the performance of multimedia   applications.
      • in-order   pipeline with dynamic branch prediction equipped


• One PCM interface   equipped: can work as Master Mode or Slave Mode, supported Linear PCM   (13-16bit), u-Law (8bit), A-Law (8bit),and clock up to 2.048MHz.
      • I2S   supports TDM4 transmitter and receiver
      • I2S   receiver supports 8 channel receiver with ATT3008 in encoder format
      • I2S supports   2.0-channel I2S transmitter and receiver with ATT3002 in 4-wires mode.
      • I2S of ATS3605(D)   can only work as Master Mode.
      • I2S supports   sample rate 192k/96k/48k/32k/24k/16k/12k/8k/88.2k/44.1k/22.5k/11.025k .
      •   I2S transmitter has 24bit*32level fifo, and I2S receiver has   24bit*16level fifo.
      • SPDIF Tx supports   transmitter mode only.
      • SPDIF Tx supports   sample rate 96k/48k/44.1k/32k.
      •   ATT3008 integrated 8 channel high performance ADC:
        •   SNR (A-WEIGHTING)>106dB(A-weighted,16KHz SR,6.8dbV input)
        • Support full   difference input and single-ended input analog microphone.
      •   ATT3002 integrated the Audio Codec:
        •   2.0 channel 24bits sigma-delta DAC, SNR   (A-WEIGHTING)>98dB.
        •   2.0 channel 24bits sigma-delta ADC,   SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>91dB.
        • Stereo 20mW   PA(Power Amplifier) for headphone with 41 level volume control(volume update   with zero-cross detection), traditional mode and direct drive mode, both with   anti-pop circuit.


      • Support I8080 MCU (TFT) LCD panels   which with parallel RGB666,parallel RGB565,serial RGB666,serial RGB565 input   interface(ATS3605D only support serial RGB666 and serial RGB565).
      •   Support RGB active (TFT) LCD panels which with parallel   RGB888,parallel RGB666,parallel   RGB565,serial RGB666,serial   RGB888 input interface. (ATS3605D only support serial RGB666 and serial   RGB888).
      •   Support LVDS interface LCD which with RGB888 or   RGB666(ATS3605D only support Single Link).
      •   Support YUV CMOS sensor interface,Max   support 5M pixel input

Audio and Video

      • Most popular video format are   supported including AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, RM, MP4, M4V, DivX, XvID, FLV, 3GP,   DAT, VOB, MPG, MPEG, ASF, TP, TRP, TS, M2TS, MTS (and others may supported by   the 3rd party authorized algorithm)
      •   H264 1920*1080@30fps Encoding and Decoding
      •   JPEG baseline, 8176*8176
      •   WAV formats encoding are supported (and others may supported   by the 3rd party authorized algorithm)
      •   Most popular audio formats decoding are supported including   CBR, VBROGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, Audible RA, MIDI, AMR, AIFF, MPC (and others may   supported by the 3rd party authorized algorithm)


    • Built-in 32K Bytes BROM and 32K Bytes for boot loader.
      •   High-bandwidth DDR2/3/3L controller, up to 256MB(ATS3605D   MCP 64MB DDR2 )
      •   Serial Flash controller up to 60Mbps.
      • Parallel   NAND Flash controller with up to 60bit ECC, 4CEs, support toggle NAND 1.0;support SLC, MLC, TLC NAND.
      • 3 *SD/SDIO   controller supported(SD2 for EMMC).
      • EMMC 4.43   supported. complies with up to eMMC 5.0 /5.1
      • 256-bit   E-fuse equipped

Highly-integration peripherals

    • USB2*2 equipped for HOST/Slave;
      • TWI*3,   SPI*2, UART*5 interface equipped(Part of a multi   function, Application plan should be refer to MFP or Pin Description)
      • 4*2 Key   matrix supported in ATS3605(D) and REMCON ADC key supported in ATT3002.
      • Four   1024-levels PWMs in ATS3605(D)
      • IRC and   three 10bit general ADC in ATT3002.


    • 3.3V I/O power and 1.0V core power required
      •   Actions’ LPD (Low Power Design)   architecture integrated work with ATT3002.
      •   Multiple standby states supported with ATT3002.


  • ATS3605
  Type: LQFP176 ePAD
  Dimension: 20mm*20mm siz

• ATS3605D
  Type: LQFP128 ePAD
  l Dimension: 14mm*14mm size

• ADC:ATT3008
  Type: QFN48
  Dimension: 6mm*6mm size

• PMU:ATT3002
  Type: QFN68
  Dimension: 8mm*8mm size