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· The ATS2819  is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth Audio solution. It also can acts as smart voice assistant,compatible with DMA(baidu)/GMA(Alibaba)/Xiaoai(xiaomi) and so on.

· The ATS2819 meets Bluetooth V5.0 and compliant with V4.2/2.1+EDR, and supports dual mode (BR/EDR + Low Energy Controllers). The links in BR/EDR and LE can be active simultaneously. 

· The ATS2819 integrates high quality and low latency SBC decoder, OPUS/SPEEX encoder and mSBC/CVSD codec. It also supports PLC technique and AEC in voice call providing a high audio quality. 

        Detail Features


  · 32bit RISC   processor Core, up to 180MHz.
  · Internal RAM for data and program storage
  · Internal 1MByte Nor flash
  · 5-channel DMA, including DMA0, DMA1, DMA2, DMA3 and DMA4, support for   transmission in burst 8 mode
  · Fully configurable PEQ, up to 14 segments
  · Support for echo cancellation and noise reduction
  · Support for packet loss concealment
  · Support USB/SDCard firmware upgrade


  · Bluetooth V5.0   Dual Mode
  · Compatible with Bluetooth V4.2/V4.2 LE/V4.0/V3.0/V2.1 + EDR systems
  · Support all packet types in basic rate and enhanced data rate
  · Bluetooth Dual Mode support: Simultaneous LE and BR /EDR
  · Support SCO/eSCO link
  · Support secure simple pairing
  · Support low power mode (sniff/sniff sub-rating)
  · Bluetooth Piconet and Scatternet support
  · Bluetooth TX power: 2dBm(typical)
  · Bluetooth RX sensitivity: -88dBm(typical) when packet Type is 2-DH5


  · Built-in   stereo 16-bit input sigma-delta DACs, SNR>93dB, SNR (A-Weighting)>96dB,   THD+N < -80dB, 

THD+N (A-Weighting) < -81dB @0dBFS output amplitude
  · Built-in stereo 16-bit input sigma-delta ADC, SNR>87dB,   SNR(A-Weighting)>89dB, THD+N < -80dB, 

THD+N(A-Weighting)<-82dB @PA   1.6Vpp output
  · DAC supports sample rate of 8k/11.025k /12k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1k/48kHz
  · PA Support non-direct or direct drive output.
  · ADC supports sample rate of 8k/11.025k /12k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1k/48kHz
  · Supports two single-ended Analog microphone or one DMIC
  · Supports two stereo AUX IN sharing two ADCs 
  · I2S TX&RX support master and slave mode separately, and support sample   rate of 192k/96k/48k/44.1k/32k/24k/22.05k/16k/12k/11.025k/8k
  · Support Voice Active Trigger


  · 7/8pin Segment   Matrix LED

Power Management

  · Support Li-Ion   battery power supply with battery insert wake up.
  · Support power on button & reset button.
  · Linear regulators outputs VCC, AVCC, SVCC.
  · Standby current 45uA (typical).
  · 10-bit A/D converters for system monitor and wire-control, 10 channels can   be externally used by user. 

The ADC sample rate can support 2/4/8KHz per   channel.
  · 1*WIO which can used for charging detection.

Physical   Interfaces

  · Maximum   2*SD/MMC/eMMC card interface
  · USB1.1FS host or device, support 2 IN endpoint and 1 OUT endpoint except   endpoint0
  · Maximum 2*UART support master or slave mode with RTS/CTS hardware flow   control
  · Maximum 2*TWI supports master or slave mode
  · Maximum 2*SPI interface controllers.
  · Support 22 Programmable GPIO interfaces, and 10 analog IOs can also be config   as GPIOs.
  · All 22 Programmable GPIOs can be SIRQs
  · Maximum 9*PWM output integrated
  · 1* infrared remote control RX


  · ATS2819 :   LQFP-48, 7mm*7mm*1.4mm
  · ATS2819P : LQFP-64, 7mm*7mm*1.4mm
  · ATS2819S : QFN-48, 6mm*6mm*0.75mm

  · ATS2819T : QFN-48, 6mm*6mm*0.75mm


  · Stereo   speakers and speakerphones
  · Bluetooth car audio unit
  · Bluetooth soundbar
  · Bluetooth Smart Voice assistant
  · Other Bluetooth audio applications