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• Actions' ATJ2167 is a highly integrated single-chip Stereo Audio solution.Positioning at portable stereo voice recorder and local MMC/SD Card HiFi Audio Playback market,ATJ2167 satisfies the market requirements with high performance,low cost and low power consumption.
• ATJ2167 adopts MIPS + DSP dual core architecture.Large capacity RAM is embedded to meet different stereo applications,and support playing high quality music with traditional plug-in card and USB flash disk.
• ATJ2167 takes special methods at power optimization,especially for various applications scenarios.Embedded PMU supports power optimization and provide long battery life.The competitive advantages of ATJ2167 are HiFi music qualities playing and stereo recording with low power and BOM,which lays the foundation for our goal at high-end market.Above all,ATJ2167 provides a true"ALL-IN-ONE"solution,making it the ideal choice for highly integrated and optimized recording and playing audio products.

          Detailed parameters


· 104MHz MIPS32 Processor
    · HIFI quality 24bit/192KHz full formats audio decoder
    · 120MHz MIPS32 M4K processor Core
    · 180MHz Gogir DSP core
    · Support SD/MMC/eMMC card
support   SDHC/SDXC
    · Support SPI Nor Flash interface
    · Energy saving with dynamic power management, supporting Li-on only
    · USB 2.0 device and USB charging


 · QFN-68, 8mmx8mm, Pitch 0.4mm