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• ATS251X is a new generation single-chip highly-integrated digital audio process solution. It is a low-cost, low-power, high-efficiency digital audio SOC. It is designed for audio process product applications such as dedicated audio player and Boombox, etc.
• ATS251X includes an audio decoder with embedded RAM and ROM, ADPCM record capabilities and USB interface for downloading music and uploading voice recordings. ATS251X also provides multiple interfaces such as SD/MMC flash card, SPI, UART, IR, LED, button and switch inputs, headphones and microphone, and FM radio input and control. Its embedded audio codec supports almost all digital audio standards. For storage use, it can act as a USB mass storage slave device to personal computer system. it also can act as a USB host and obtain music files from devices.
• The ATS251X is with embedded VCC&VDD LDO and supports Li-on battery only. The built-in Sigma-Delta D/A includes a headphone driver to directly drive low impedance headphone. Moreover, The A/D includes various inputs for LINEIN, FMIN and Microphone. Thus, it provides a true ’ALL-IN-ONE’ solution that is ideally suited for highly optimized digital audio Boombox and player.

          Detailed parameters
Feature    • Integrated MCU, MCU run at 24MHz, F/W can program from DC up to 52MHz transparently
    • Memory Management Unit.
    • Simple SRAM-Style Interface.
    • Multiply/Divide Unit (high-performance configuration).
    • Power Control.
    •  Build-in RTC without 32.768k oscillator
    • Audio decoder,bit rate 32-384Kbps, sample rate 8-48KHz.
    •  Digital Voice Recording (ADPCM/PCM and so on). 
    • 7 or 5 bands equalizer with user-defined 64-step-gain from -12 to 12 dB.
    • Fast Forward and Fast Reverse.
    • Fade in and Fade Out.
    • Digital global gain control.
    • Support SPI Nor Flash(1 bit mode)
    • Support following memory card interface.
      - Multi Media Card Specification Version 4.3(1/4 bit mode).
      - Secure Digital Card Specification Version 3.0(1/4 bit mode)
      - Support Booting up directly from SD/MMC/eMMC/SPI Norflash.
    • Support 24MHz OSC with on-chip PLL. 
    • Support internal 32 KHz RC Oscillator.
    • USB 2.0 device and host controller.
    • A variety of serial controllers with SPI, UART, IR.
    • Support LED with 7COM×7SEG Interface.
    • Built-in stereo Power Amplifier for 16/32 ohm Headphones, output power : 2×20mW@16ohm,Built-in anti-pop circuit for ‘click and pop’ suppressing.
    • Operating voltage: I/O 3.1V, Core 1.6V
    • Integrates a Charge pump, The Output voltage of 5V, Load capacity of 200mA
    • Standby Leakage Current:  < 60uA (Whole System)
    • Low Power Consumption (No LED) :  <40mW@1.6V@33ohm (128kbps decoder)