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• The ATJ2117D is a new generation single-chip highly-integrated digital multimedia solution for devices such as audio and video players. It includes an audio decoder and a video decoder with embedded RAM and ROM., ADPCM record capabilities and USB interface for downloading music or movie and uploading voice recordings. ATJ2117D also provides an interface to flash memory, color display, button and switch inputs, headphones, microphone, and FM radio input and control. For devices like USB-Disk, it can act as a USB mass storage and slave device to personal computer system. The Chip has low power consumption to allow long battery life and allows Li-on battery only. The built-in Sigma-Delta D/A includes a headphone driver to directly drive low impedance headphone. The A/D includes inputs for both Microphone and Analog Audio in to support voice recording and FM radio integration features. Thus, it provides a true ’ALL-IN-ONE’ solution that is ideally suited for highly optimized digital audio and video players.


          Detailed parameters
Feature    • Integrated MCU with EJTAG Debug Unit
    • MCU run at 24MHz(typ),F/W can program from DC up to 80MHz transparently
    • DSP Decoder, bit rate 32-384Kbps, 8-48KHz
    • Digital Voice Recording(ADPCM)
    •  Integrated Motion JPEG Video Decoder, up to 30fps@QVGA resolution
    • Support up to 4(pcs) Nand Flash, including SLC and MLC with 8/24/40/60 bit ECC
    • Support TLC, TOGGLE and Randomizer Algorithmic
    • Support following memory card interface
      - Multi Media Card Specification Version 4.3(1/4/8 bit mode)
      - Secure Digital Card Specification Version 3.0(1/4-bit mode)
    • Support Booting up directly from NANDFLASH/ eMMC/SPI Nor Flash.
    • Support 24MHz OSC with on-chip PLL
    • Support generating 24MHz and other PLL from Externel 32.768KHz OSC
    • Internal 32KHz RC oscillator
    • Energy saving with dynamic power management, supporting Li-on only 
    • USB 2.0 device and host controllers with HOST support
    • A variety of serial controllers supporting I2S, TWI, SPI, UART
    • Support Remote Control with the internal IRC for decoding
    • Support LCM with 8bit/16bit CPU Interface.
    • Support FM Radio input and 41 levels volume control
    • D/A+PA SNR :without A weight>91dB
    • Build in Stereo 16-bit Sigma-Delta D/A
    • A/D SNR >90dB
    • Headphone driver output 2x20mW @16ohm
    • Operating voltage: I/O 3.3V, Core 1.8V
    • Standby Leakage Current: <30uA(Whole System)
    • Low Power Consumption :  <40mW@1.6V