• With the powerful MIPS24KEc core, ATS3603is a versatile high-performance, low-power, high integration SOC whichtargets at Wi-Fi based Internet Media Player market and so on.
• ATS3603 is dedicated to furthering the development of wireless HI-FI audio application by supporting all audio formats with a build in audio codec.
• ATS3603has plentiful kinds of integrated interfaces such as SPDIF, IIS, IIC, UART, SPI, SDIO, and CPU LCD interface. It can support such functions as Wi-Fi(via USB or SDIO), LAN(via SPI), Bluetooth(via UART). The integrated USB V2.0 (HS) SIE with OTG function enables the platform to act as a host or slave mass storage device at the speed up to 480Mbps. Nand Flash Controller, with build in 8bit/12bit/24bit/32bit/40bitECC. Moreover, the build in Power Management Unit provides necessary system power and manage internal and external power dissipation to realize lower system cost.
• ATS3603therefore can provide a true ’ALL-IN-ONE’ solution that is ideally suited for Wi-Fi based media player.


          Detailed parameters
High Speed 32bit RISC    • High Speed MIPS24KEc Core
    • run up to 450MHz
    • 16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-cache  
    • 24KB DSPRAM and 8KB ISPRAM
Audio Engine    • All format of Audio decoding supported
    • Support MPEG-1 decoding, 8 ~ 44kbps
    • Support WMA decoding, 5 ~ 383kpbps
    • Support AAC/OGG/APE decoding
    • Several format of Audio encoding supported
Memory Interface    • DDR /M-DDR memory controller, 16bit data bus, supporting up to 128MB, 200MHz max
    • Nand Flash controller with 8/12/24bit ECC, x8 data bus, 3.1V
    • SPI Nor Boot Supported
LCD Controller    • Support CPU LCD/serial LCD
I2S/SPDIF    • Support 5.1- Channel through I2S Transmitter module with Ext. 6-Channel DAC, include 3-wire DOUT mode and TDM (time-division multiplexed) Mode
    • Support 5.1- Channel digital out through SPDIF
Highly-integrated peripherals    • USB 2.0 complies with OTG 2.0
    • SDIO interface support SD/HCSD/MicroSD/miniSD/MS memory card, MMC/RSMMC/MMC PLUS card
    • A variety of serial controllers supporting UART, SPI, I2C 
    • Support Chip ID (Programmable for customer)
    • 2*4 key matrix, 1 remote control
    • Build in stereo Sigma-Delta DAC(SNR>96dB), build in stereo Sigma-Delta ADC (SNR >88dB)
    • 2*18mW Headphone Power Amplify, THD>70dB
PMU    • High performance PMU built-in
Package    • LQFP128