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• ATS2823 is a single-chip highly integrated Bluetooth Audio solution. Satisfies the market requirements with higher performance, lower cost and power consumption, which is designed for portable and wireless audio products.
• Large capacity RAM is embedded to meet different Bluetooth application scenarios. Built-in DSP for a variety of audio effects, Bluetooth handfree calls with dual microphones echo cancellation and noise reduction.
• This chip integrates Bluetooth V2.1/V3.0/V4.0/V4.1/V4.2 controller which is fully compliant with Bluetooth specification, and supports dual mode (BR/EDR + AMP + Low Energy Controllers). It is compatible with previous versions, including V2.1 + EDR and V3.0 + HS.
• Embedded PMU supports power optimization and provide long battery life. The competitive advantages are its high music and call qualities with low power and BOM, which lays the foundation for our goal at middle and high-end market.
• Above all, this chip provides a true “ALL-IN-ONE” solution, making it become the ideal choice for highly integrated and optimized Bluetooth audio products.


          Detailed parameters
System    • 104MHz MIPS32 M4K processor Core
    • 180MHz Gogir DSP core
    • Built-in 279.5K RAM for data and program storage
    • Support 26MHz OSC with on-chip PLL
    • Energy saving with dynamic power management, supporting Li-on only
    • Support Remote Control with the internal IRC for decoding
Audio    • Build in stereo 24bit input sigma-delta DAC, SNR>95dB,SNR (A-WEIGHTING)>98dB, THD<-85dB
    • DAC supports sample rate 8k/12k/11.025k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1/48kHz
    • Build in stereo 20mW PA (Power Amplifier) for headphone. PA output supports traditional mode and direct drive mode(for earphone)
    • Support differential audio output for speaker PA
    • Build in stereo 24bit input sigma-delta ADC, SNR>90dB, SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>93dB,THD<-82dB. With multi-bit quantization option,SNR>93dB,SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>96dB
    • ADC supports sample rate 8k/12k/11.025k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1/48kHz
    • Supports stereo single-ended input analog microphones or mono full difference input microphone
    • Supports Digital microphones and Analog microphones
Bluetooth Controller    • Support Bluetooth V4.2
    • Compatible with Bluetooth V2.1 and V3.0 systems
    • Supports all packet types in basic rate and enhanced data rate
    • Supports SCO/Esco link
    • Supports 4 piconets in a scatternet
    • Supports Secure Simple Pairing
    • Supports Low Power Mode (Sniff/Sniff Sub-rating/Hold/Park)
    • Supports multiple Low Energy states
    • Fast AGC contrl to improve receiving dynamic range
    • Supports AFH to dynamically detect channel quality to improve transmission quality
    • Integrated internal Class1, Class2, and Class 3 PA
    • Bluetooth 3.0 + HS compliant
    • Supports Power Control/Enhanced Power Control
    • Integrated 32K oscillator for power management
Power    • Supports Li-Ion battery and 5V power supply
    • Integrate Linear battery charger
    • Integrated DC-DC buck converters,which can be switch to LDO mode
    • Linear regulators output VCC, BTVCC,SVCC, RTCVDD from DC5V
    • Linear regulators outputs AVCC from VCC, and VDD from VD15
    • Capacitor-less LDO: UVDD, EFUSE25,AVDD, OSCVDD and BTVDD
    • Internal bandgap generates VREF form SVCC
    • Operating voltage: I/O 3.1V, Core 1.2V
Package    • QFN-40 (5x5mm2)
Application    • Stereo headsets and headphones
    • Portable stereo speakers and speakerphones
    • Bluetooth car audio unit
    • Soundbar