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· GT7 is a versatile high-performance,low power and highly-integrated SoC targeted at OTT Applications.It integrates 64-bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 MP4 processor with TrustZone Security system embedded.The powerful Mali-450 MP4 CPU provides a maximized 3D/2D graphic processing effect delivering excellent gaming experience.Compact integrated VPU is qualified for high performance of almost full formats video decoding/encoding capabilities.Advanced Display Engine is designed for display subsystem with low power and low bandwidth.

· GT7 is tailored for high-end multimedia application,is support Gigabit Ethernet data transfer,support up to 4K video decoding and 1080p video encoding,High efficient DDR controller is in tegrated which guarantees high data throughput while video/audio playing.Other rich interfaces including HDMI transmitter,SDIO and MIPI CSI are qualified for building flexible solutions.USB 2.0 is for high speed of mass data transmission between GT7 and host/slave/hub.Large capacity NAND Flash up to 70bit ECC is supported for data stability.Other rich interfaces such as UART,SPI,TWI promote the extension ability of the system.


          Detailed parameters
Process    • 28nm
CPU    • 64-bit Multi-core ARM Cortex-A53SMP4
GPU    • Mali-450 MP4
Video and Audio Encoding    • H.264,1920x1080@30fps
    • Photographing while video recording supported
    • AAC formats supports
Video and Audio Decoding    • H.265 4Kx2K@30fps
    • H.265 1920x1080@60fps
    • H.264 1920x1080@60fps
    • 3D 1080P@25fps
    •  WMA/WAV/DTS formats supported
Memory    • High-bandwidth DDR3/3L,LPDDR2/3 controller, up to 2GB
    • 3 *SD/SDIO controller supported
    • eMMC4.5 supported
Highly-integration of peripherals    • HDMI Tx(transmitter) is equipped for HDMI 1.4b compliant
    • USB2.0*3 port is equipped for both Host/Slave supporting
    • 1000Base Gigabit Ethernet MAC equipped
Power    • 3.3V I/O power
    • Multiple standby state supported 
Package    • Type: BGA372 ,14mm*14mm size