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ATM7019 is a versatile high-performance, low-power, high-integrated SOC (system on chip), which targets at personal media players (PMPs), internet/home media player and so on. ATM7019 has much powerful video and audio processor which provides all formats, full HD video and high quality audio decode/encode ability. One powerful display engine is integrated to provide graphic and video scaling, alpha blending process and etc. High performance DDR2/DDR3 controller guarantees the high data throughput while video/audio playing. To support portable media play ATM7019 has 16 million colors LCD and LVDS interfaces. To support home media play HDMI transmitter, CVBS encoder and YPbPr/CbCr channel are integrated into ATM7019. USB 2.0 OTG is used to transfer mass data between ATM7019 and host/device more rapidly. Large capacity Nand flash and multi-bit ECC supported makes data more and guaranteed. SD, MS card supported provides the ability of storage extension. Many peripheral interfaces like UART, SPI, I2C supported promotes the extension ability of the system.

+ High Speed 74Kf Core
  - run up to 1.2GHz
  - 16KB instruction cache and 16KB data cache  
  - 128KB L2 cache
  - Floating Point Unit

+ Video and Audio Encoding
  - Several video encode 720P@30fps
  - MJPEG baseline, 8192*8192 

+ Video and Audio Decoding
  - All format video 1080p@60fps
  - WebM supported  
  - All format audio decoding

+ Display and Graphic Process Unit
  - Five layers (1 background layer, 3 graphic layers and 1 video layer)
  - Scaler input size up to 1920*1080 
  - Simultaneously output to TV and LCD support
  - 3D GPU inside

+ High-integrated peripherals
  - 1 USB 2.0 OTG and 1 USB host support
  - 2 I2S, 2 TW, 2 SPI, 3 UART, 1 IR, 1 SPDIF and 1 PCM interface support
  - CMOS sensor interface up to 5 Mpixels
  - 24bit LCD controller support
  - HDMI  support
  - 10/100Base Ethernet MAC support
  - 2 SDIO, 1MS controller support

+ Memory
  - High-bandwidth 16bit DDR2/DDR3 controller, up to 2GB, 400MHz
  - Nand flash controller with 60bit ECC, 2RBs, 4CEs 
  - Serial NOR flash boot support

+ Power
  - 3.3V I/O power and 1.0V core power
  - Multiple power state support
  - Dynamic internal clock adjustment