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As one of the leading companies in China’s fabless SoC design industry, Actions Semiconductor is focused on the consumer electronic field. During the past few years, Actions Semiconductor has launched many popular SoCs in Portable Multimedia and Smart Handheld applications, and also provides customers with one-stop shopping service for software & hardware total solutions.

Not only providing customers the mature Multimedia SoC platforms, Actions also made significant breakthroughs in the following application fields:

Smart Handheld applications: Actions�latest OWL Series 1.3 GHz Multi-core SoC for the Android Tablet has gained extensive recognition and favorable feedback in the market. The OWL Series SoC features ultra-low power usage offering 1000 hours standby and 15 hours video playback, with power-on in 1 second and fast start-up in 10 seconds and simultaneous video playback from 6 individual contents, This Soc has become the role model for competitors in the industry.

Portable Multimedia applications: From the earlier MP3, MP4 and game console SoCs to the recent Portable Boombox and Bluetooth Boombox SoCs, Actions Semiconductor continues to provide customers with new innovations and breakthroughs in Portable Multimedia applications regardless of so-called product life cycles. The Portable Boombox with Actions�SoC not only brings customers excellent audio quality with lower power consumption and better mobility;it also provides many premium functions like Bluetooth, Karaoke and TTS.

Home Entertainment applications: For home entertainment, Actions launched Linux Internet Box and Home Game Console, two years ago. In 2013, Actions plans to launch Android Internet TV box with a key customer. Using the latest Multi-core SoC, Actions will continue to work together with customers to launch more attractive home entertainment solutions. Additionally, Actions�Soundbar SoC,is suitable to bundle with thin LED TV’s, has also gained recognition from leading TV brands.

Automobile Entertainment applications: Working together with its customers, Actions has successfully launched Audio/Video entertainment systems and HD Vehicle Recorders for automobiles. Based on Android OS with Internet functionality, Actions plans to launch additional Automobile Entertainment solutions to meet the market demand and trend.

Actions owns many important IPs including MCU, DSP, USB OTG, CODEC, PA, PLL, DC-DC, PMU, ?-? ADC and DAC. Also, Actions licenses many key IPs from brand name international IP companies such as ARM, MIPS and Synopsys. Actions�own IC design processes have reached the international advanced level with respect to digital-analog hybrid design, high-low pressure design, low noise, low power consumption, high performance and advanced foundry process, and is capable of independently carrying out IP development in multiple areas. Actions is a global forerunner in terms of design technologies of portable SoC products with multi-power systems and low noise and low power consumption. The system architecture of the SoC itself has moved from 8bit MCU to 32bit CPU.The operating systems for Actions�products include embedded systems such as UC OS as well as more sophisticated and open operating systems like Linux and Android. Actions is committed to continuing to provide increasingly powerful platforms with advanced performance.

In the foundry process, Actions has moved from the previous .18um/.11um/55nm toward 40nm and 28nm. With the most competitive foundry process, Actions can launch SoCsat the right spec level with the right timing to fulfill market demand. Even though Actions is a fabless SoC design company, we have invested in building our own testing facility which is fully compliant with the requirements for tier-1 international testing and has in-house functionality for both wafer and package testing. Actions has a well experienced IC test teamalong with advanced testing equipment (including Prober, Handler, Tester and digital-analog hybrid IC testers developed by Actions).Actions�testing facility provides effective testing capacity at a competitive testing cost, ensuring SoC quality and reliability for customers.