• Dec Launched IOT solution ATJ229R2
  • Oct Launched chipset for WIFI Storytelling Machine ATS3603
  • Oct Launched Bluetooth dual mode 4.2 chipsets ATS2823 &ATS2825W
  • Jul Launched 64-bit chipset for VR headset with 2K high resolution


  • Jan Launched Bluetooth dual mode 4.0 single chip ATS2829
  • Jan Launched 64-bit chipset for tablet and OTT set-top boxes ATM9009


  • Sep Launched first 28nm chipset for tablet and OTT Set-top boxes ATM7059
  • Mar Released Bluetooth Dual Mode 4.0 product ATS2805B


  • Aug Introduced Second Generation Dual-Core OWL Series chipset for tablets
  • Apr Launched Dual-Core OWL Series chipset for tablets


  • Oct Launched OWL series Quad-Core smart tablet chip product
  • May Launched ATS2506 Soc target at boombox product
  • Mar Released ATM701* single-core chip series for smart handheld applications


  • May Launched 28 series chip product
  • Feb Brought out brand new G1000 series product


  • Sep Released 27 series multimedia single chip


  • Sep Actions&Real was strategic cooperation to co-promote the mobile high definition(QD)RMVB


  • Aug Actions cooperated with CSR to realize the function of wireless Bluetooth
  • Feb Launched the new generation 13 series multimedia av player master control product, and it supports MPEG4、WMV、H.264 and etc standards


  • Aug Launched the ACU 75 series chip by using the latest 0.18μm technology
  • Feb Finished the development of regarding 32bit CPU+DSP as a new generation technical platform


  • Jul Powerful combination with MIPS, Actions adopted MIPS core technology to develop the next generation series chip which specifics to portable digital multimedia application
  • Jun Actions cooperated with Microsoft to launch the digital copyright protection. We released all series portable multimedia processor SOC and its total solutions which supports Microsoft Windows Media digital copyright management DRM10(WMDRM10).
  • Jun Launched the newest AMV(Advanced Media Video)digital video engine technology
  • May Take technical cooperation with American SRS Labs company, and succeeded in bringing out the first owned SRS WOW Sound portable multimedia processor master control chip- PAM300
  • Apr Succeeded in bringing out the new generation 9 series multimedia player master control chip


  • Dec Became one of the global main supplier of digital multimedia player master control chip
  • Jul Released the portable multimedia player master control chip of commercialization mass production


  • Jul Actions succeeded in bringing out digital electric energy meter measurement series chip.


  • Mar Actions succeeded in releasing the first multimedia processor master control chip.