·ATS3703集成具有独立VPU(视频处理单元)的Cortex-A5 MP4 CPU,具有NEON技术的SIMD媒体处理引擎(MPE),独立的3D GPU(图形处理单元),为客户提供满意的用户体验。ATS3703可提供流畅的视频编解码体验,专门针对家庭娱乐及儿童教育市场。

·ATS3703提供了丰富的接口,如I2S,LVDS,High Definition Display Interface,SD和USB,CMOS等传感器,蓝牙,WiFi和显示设备可以很容易地集成到灵活构建的解决方案。具有高效的存储系统,支持DDR2 / DDR3和DDR3L,支持串行和并行闪存控制器。



CPU Core

  • ARM Cortex A5 MP4   CPU, Up to 1.0GHz.
  • A low power and efficient qual-core architecture
  • Programmable memory management unit.
  • Advanced SIMD NEON technology to accelerate the   performance of multimedia applications.
  • in-order pipeline with dynamic branch prediction   equipped

GPU Core

  • SGX540, up to 330MHz,
  • Support almost graphics standards such as OPENGL ES   1.1 and 2.0, OpenVG 1.1, OpenMax, Microsoft VS3.0, PS3.0, Direct3D Mobile.
  • Support OPEN CL V1.1

Video and Audio Encoding

  • H.264 1920*1080@30fps
  • JPEG baseline, 8176*8176
  • Panoramic Image Mosaics supported
  • Photographing while video recording supported

Video and Audio Decoding

  • Most popular video format are supportedl
  • 1920*1080@30fps   supported
  • MJPEG baseline,   8176*8176 supported
  • Most   popular audio formats are supported


  • Built-in 32K Bytes   BROM and 32K Bytes for boot loader.
  • High-bandwidth DDR2/3/3L controller, up to 256MB.
  • Parallel NAND Flash controller with up to 60bit   ECC, 4CEs, support toggle NAND 1.0;support SLC, MLC,   TLC NAND
  • Serial Flash controller up to 60Mbps
  • 2 *SD/SDIO controller supported
  • EMMC4.4.3 supported
  • 256-bit E-fuse equipped

Display Engine

  • Support Alpha   blending, color key, dither and color space conversion, Gamma correction.
  • Support Flip and scale.l Support active (TFT) LCD   panels with digital CPU interface.
  • Support 24bit RGB888 LCD panels interface LCD,   Parallel and Serial model both supported.
  • Dual channel LVDS LCD interface LCD supported,   Resolutions up to 1920*1200.
  • Support High Definition Display Interface.
  • Simultaneously output LCD support


  • High performance   PMU built-in
  • ATT3002 integrated the Audio Codec: 2.0 channel   24bits sigma-delta DAC, SNR (A-WEIGHTING)>98dB, THD<-80dB. 24bits   sigma-delta ADC, SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>91dB, THD<-82dB. with zero-cross   detection), traditional mode and direct drive mode, both with anti-pop   circuit
  • Supports not only two stereo internal analog   microphones (AMIC) but also external stereo
  • Analog microphone, with two programmable biases   output
  • Supports two stereo full difference input and   stereo single-ended input analog microphone


  • 3.3V I/O power and 1.0V core power   required
  • Actions’ LPD (Low Power   Design) architecture integrated work with ATT3002.
  • Multiple standby states supported with ATT3002.


  • ATS3703
    - Type: LQFP176 ePAD
    - Dimension: 20mm*20mm siz

  • ATT3002
    - Type: QFN68
    - Dimension: 8mm*8mm size


· 家庭娱乐

· 娱乐机器人应用

· 儿童教育设备

· 智能视频监控

· 云计算服务器/客户端

· 其他云连接应用